Google Chrome 95 Now Available to Download

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On Tuesday, 19th of October 2021, Google released its latest version of the browser, Google Chrome 95. Let’s see what’s new in this version.

If we talk about the enhancements and features included in the new Google Chrome update, the Google Chrome 95 includes better security for payments, the capability to save the Tab Groups, and much more…

Improved Secure Payments

developer guide authentication e1634575924226
Improved authentication of payment process | Github

While buying items or services online, people have some trust issues regarding the authenticity of websites’ payment process whether it’s secure or not. Now, with Chrome 95, the payment authentication process has been improved.

This is to simplify the whole payment process and make it more secure. Banks can make use of the new payment extensions to validate any requests during the checkout process.

Save Tab Group

Slowly, the Tab Groups is becoming a standard feature among various desktop browsers. With Google Chrome 95, you can leverage this feature as it allows you to save the tab groups.

This feature is a step ahead of the normal tab group, this feature allows you to save the tab groups. So, in case you accidentally close the tabs, you can still open them again later.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available after you enable it from chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save.

Web Apps Can be Set as Default Apps

Web App Windows Chrome 95
Chrome 95 Progressive Web Apps URL handlers | Microsoft

Starting from Chrome 95, the web apps can be registered as URL handlers that allow them more likely to function as the native default apps.

To better explain, let’s see an example;

When you click on the link associated with a particular service, will be opened in the service’s web app.

This functionality has been directly integrated into the Chrome browser.

Eventually, the users will feel web apps like real native apps.

New Eyedropper API

eyedropper api chrome 95
EyeDropper API Chrome 95 | Github

EyeDropper API included in the Google Chrome 95 Desktop allows users to pick a color from the image. This feature can now more easily be deployed with the built-in API.

Featured Image: Chrome Developers

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