Google Announced the Acquisition of Actifio, a Data Management Company

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On Wednesday, Google announced the acquisition of Actifio by stating that it has signed a deal to acquire the data management company focused on backup and disaster recovery.

Actifio’s software plans to help enterprises limit data loss and downtime because of network failures, human errors, external threats, and other interruptions.

With Actifio’s APIs, it is possible to seamlessly coordinate with third-party IT service management tools, develop tools, or scripts and applications that are custom built.

Actifio and the associated technology will now be a part of the Google Cloud ecosystem. The acquisition would extend the ecosystem’s focus on the backup and data recovery services market.

Google stated that the acquisition would let Google Cloud better serve the demands of enterprises while they deploy and manage business-crucial workloads, including the hybrid use cases. Additionally, the company also stated that they are devoted to supporting their backup and DR technology and channel partner ecosystem, offering the clients a plethora of choices so they can pick the solution that best suits their needs.

Ash Ashutosh, Actifio CEO, stated that they are thrilled to be a part of Google Cloud and develop on the success they had as partners in the last four years. Backup and recovery are crucial to enterprise cloud adoption and, collectively with Google Cloud; they are well-positioned to foster the demands of data-driven customers over industries.

Recently, Google Cloud announced the availability of VMware migration tool in ANZ.

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