Victoria Allots AU$50M Towards Cybersecurity Resilience

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The government of Victoria has allotted AU$50M towards the five-year cyber strategy plan, aimed to boost the state’s cybersecurity resilience.

The victorian cyber strategy will be focusing on three core missions i.e: to offer a secure and reliable environment for the delivery of government services, create a vibrant cyber economy and create a cyber-secure place.

Victoria’s Chief Information Security Officer will be releasing annual mission delivery plans that will also incorporate the three core missions of victorian cyber strategy.

Moreover, the progress of each of the three core missions will be tracked and will be published in CISO’s annual statement.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson stated, the Victorian government will be focussing on tightening the security for government online services and communications.

Mr. Pearson further stated that the strategy will encourage cybersecurity talent in the state.

For the mission of improving the delivery of government service, IT asset management is in accordance with Victorian Protective Data Security Framework requirements. Dismantling unused services that are currently active on domains;

As a part of making Victoria a better and more cyber safe, the government will be establishing a new expert advisory panel for understanding the cybercrime risks. The panel will be carrying out cybersecurity awareness programs to combat cybercrime.

The third and final mission of creating a vibrant cyber economy; create internship and training programs in the cybersecurity field. Also, establishing an advisory panel to offer insights on cyber capability uplift opportunities and digital economic growth.

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