Twitter introduces a co-hosts option for its spaces

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Twitter introduces a co-hosts option for its spaces, which does make it quite simpler for hosts of Twitter audio space to manage and moderate the conversations within a room.

After the newest update, Twitter introduced a new option where the co-host will get similar permissions as the host on getting invited to a room.

The co-host will have permissions like speak themselves, choose who can speak, can pin tweets, kick out people from a particular room, etc.

However, these co-hosts will have certain restrictions too, some of them are:

  • Co-host can’t invite another member to be a co-host
  • Co-host can’t kick another co-host
  • Co-hosts cannnot end a live room

Only the room host has all the above mentioned permissions

With the new co-host twitter feature update, the speaker limit has also been upgraded. Earlier it had ten-speaker limit which now has been increased to 13 ( one host, two co-hosts and rest ten speakers) all of theme can simultaneously talk in a room

Twitter’s new feature is beneficial for room host who want to moderate the spaces paricularly for bigger rooms.

Clubhouse, Twitter Space alternative recently crossed 10M+ installs on Google Play Store.

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