Reasons to opt Managed WordPress Hosting

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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We know that it is very significant to manage the effectiveness, performance, and speed of the website. Hence we will be discussing reasons to opt Managed WordPress Hosting.

We will be looking for four reasons to opt for Managed WordPress Hosting but before that, you must understand what a Managed WordPress hosting is.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A hosting solution serves a website to save the complete website data in an openly accessible server to let people access the data saved in the server on their web browser. Now this server area can be hired and controlled by third-party hosting providers while several technical characteristics of your website including protection, performance, sustenance, and features are handled on your own.

However, Managed website hosting, apart from hosting the website data on a server also offers several extra support, features, performance, and safety optimization and support features.

Now we shall discuss the significant advantages managed hosting provides.

Ease and Simplicity

Managed hosting takes care of all aspects of running a website hence it has reduced the burden of webmasters and made the job simpler and easier. Additionally, several hosting providers offer the service of completely shifting the website to a new server.

It is especially beneficial for small business websites or startups. It becomes effortless to manage and control websites and one can focus on marketing and content strategy while the website will be managed by service provider experts.

Performance, Speed, Support, Data Centers

Several websites users leave the website because of slow page loading speed. Thereby increase the bounce rate, to overcome this we need to use managed WordPress hosting which provides superior performance and lightning-fast loading speed. Moreover, managed WordPress hosting also improves website performance by gripping each component of a website up to date.

Besides providing excellent performance with server hosting, it also provides a bigger infrastructure of data centers that are well placed to ensure optimal distribution of traffic and maximize page loading speed.

Automatic Backups

In unmanaged hosting, backups are not done automatically. However, in managed hosting, you receive free automatic backups and no additional costs for the setting up. You can take plenty of backups for the complete website data for this you are given a simple dashboard.

Managed WordPress hosting provides a set of developer-friendly features that are not provided by a shared hosting provider. Some of these crucial features of managed hosting include SSH access, Composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and Git. Usually, shared hosts without these developer-friendly resources, require to be handled by self.

Security Enhancements

Several managed WordPress hosting services provide great support for the security issues and in instances of hacking. To take care of security concerns they provide real-time security checks, proactive security enhancements, and malware removal. Apart from these, it suggests using the two-factor authentication to manage access to your website data and features.


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