Nokia introduces latest IP routing silicon FP5

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Today, technology giant, Nokia introduced its latest IP routing silicon FP5 processor that offers added network protection using ANYsec.

The fifth-generation processor FP5 is designed to offer better capacity and efficiency along with new encryption capabilities. Especially for the service providers that need to fulfill the growing bandwidth needs of their clients and also to fight against highly increasing cyberattacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

Nokia FP4 offers protection against DDoS attacks with router-based detection and mitigation.

Whereas, the latest IP routing silicon FP5 processor goes one step ahead and offers added protection with ANYsec; a new embedded line rate, flow-based encryption capabilities integrated into the chipset.

Generally, there are two choices for encrypting the network traffic i.e: MACsec and IPsec.

MACsec is a cost-efficient and low latency security protocol. But, its hop-by-hop architecture brings risk and latency whenever applied to IP services similar to MPLS and segment routing.

On the other hand, IPsec takes just a single hop however, it’s more expensive and slower.

Nokia’s ANYsec leverages several MACsec encryption standards and active supporting MPLS. This means it offers better security while making sure there is no drop in performance and is using less power.

Additionally, FP5 supports next-gen router capacity. The latest network supports high-density 800GE ports, supporting up to 1.6Tb/s flows.

Talking about the power consumption of Nokia FP5, power consumption per bit has been drastically reduced by 75%. Also, it is backward compatible with FP4.

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Nokia launches FP5 network processor



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