Keysource and Namsos Datasenter plans to build a data center in Norway

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Keysource partners with Namsos Datasenter (NDS) to build an Edge data center in Norway.

Later this week an announcement came from Keysource where it mentioned the completion of the Edge and colocation data center blueprint and the linked business plan.

The data center firm further notes that it will discuss with investors and plan the data center’s build completion date in the next year i.e: 2023. It is said that the new data center facility will be the first from the series of planned collaborative Norwegian Edge data centers.

Stephen Lorimer, technical director at Keysource said that the company has accomplished working on the blueprint part and the business case and all of the major elements such as the land and utilities are set up in order.

NDS’ brochure mentions that the companies will first build a small data center in Spillum with 200kW, 48 cabinet data center and finally scale it to 1.2 MW and 288 cabinets.

Havard Vannebo, NDS Chairman said that Keysource has extensive capability and experience both in Europe as well as the Nordics and is a strong partner for us. Both the companies worked on a design that is both innovative and sustainable and will immensely benefit the data center facility.

The company additionally stated that with the help of investors’ funding they will begin the process of building this facility and plans to make it operational in 2023.

Back in December 2019, Keysource first announced working with NDS. Furthermore, Keysource and Namsos Datasenter are planning to develop Edge facilities in the Namsos and Namdalen regions of Norway.

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