Instagram Rolls Out Three New Features a Week Before Christmas

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Meta-owned popular social networking platform Instagram has brought in three new features just a week before Christmas.

Instagram’s new update will be delightful for content creators and influencers who make IGTVs and reels on regular basis.

Instagram is slowly rolling out three new features namely IGPlayback, Reel Visual Replies, and Profile Embed on its platform.

The update comes at the right time i.e: before the holiday season when people will be spending time with their families and friends. They can use the platform to make memories by creating reels and videos.

Meanwhile, Adam Mosseri who is Instagram’s Head revealed three new features on the microblogging platform Twitter.

Adam Mosseri talks about three new features on the Instagram app

Instagram’s new Playback feature creates a Playback list of 10 stories from 2021. This is a curated list and is somewhat similar to Spotify’s Wrapped 2021.

Though Instagram creates its Playback list, users can edit, add or remove stories from their Playback list through their Stories archive.

Now, talking about the second feature ‘Reel Visual Replies’, this feature allows creators to add up to 60 second long reels in the comment section.

Last but not least, the third feature included in the pre-Christmas update is the Profile Embed feature that allows IG users to embed an entire profile. One thing to note here is that this feature is only available in the US.

Furthermore, Instagram released the ‘Take a Break’ feature aimed to limit excessive app usage. The move comes following the rising concern of whether the platform is safe for kids. Additionally, the social media platform is working on a new tool that will allow parents and guardians to monitor the time they spend on the platform and set limits accordingly.

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