Google ends the push for the Chrome address bar and shows just the domain name

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Google drops the plans to display URLs to just the domain name in the general release because the experiment didn’t quite move relevant security metrics.

So, now Google has reverted its experiment and ended the push for the Chrome address bar to just show Chrome users the domain name of the website they are currently visiting.

The feature which was kicked off in August 2020 was assigned to random users to check if it could help users identify phishing websites.

Explaining about the now-deleted chrome experiment at Chromium commit, Google engineer Emily Stark wrote,

“Delete simplified domain experiment”.

She further added to her statement,

“This experiment didn’t move relevant security metrics, hence we aren’t launching it. :(“

Beginning with Chrome 90, if a user doesn’t define the protocol to be utilized while accessing a site, Chrome would initially attempt using HTTPS before falling back to HTTP.

Prior this week, Google killed of its augmented reality Measure app. Going to the app’s listing will return a “Not Found” error. However, the user who have previously installed this app will continue seeing its listing page.

The page states that the app is no longer compatible and won’t be updated. Users who have priorly installed this app can continue to utilize it on supported devices.

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