Google Chrome is Experimenting Tab Scrolling Feature

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According to a post on Reddit, chromium developers are allegedly experimenting with different widths of tabs when the tab scrolling feature (in the testing phase) is enabled. The Google Chrome’s tab scrolling experimental feature will allow Chrome users to manage dozens of tabs easily.

Google’s testing has two parts. Starting from Chrome 88, users will be able to turn on Chrome’s scrollable tab feature. This feature will make the tab bar look neat while you have several tabs open at once. It is noteworthy Chrome following the likes of Firefox and Safari.

Google Chrome Experimenting Tab Widths (Tab Scrolling Feature)

Tab Scrolling Flag

The tab scrolling feature can be enabled via chrome://flags. Besides swiping through the tab bar with a scroll wheel or trackpad, you can likewise enable the left and right buttons to scroll by your open tabs. You can customize the feature as per your comfort.

Different Width of Tabs

Besides introducing tab scrolling feature, Google is likewise experimenting with different tab widths in Google Chrome Canary 90. You can find several options to shrink tabs to pin the tab width;- medium width, large width, or no shrinking at all by enabling the tab scrolling from chrome://flags. But, when the tabs are shrunk down, it’s practically difficult to differentiate between the tabs other than small website icons (favicons). Hence, the customization of tabs will prove to be beneficial.

Chrome Scrollable Tabs: Large Width

At the moment, it is unclear which option Google will be releasing in the final update. But the large width option seems to be the best balance of information density and readability.

Lately, Google Chrome 88 update brought improved password protection, including tab search but those options aren’t productive for people with 50+ open tabs.

Also, recently Google fixed a zero-day vulnerability in Chrome 88.0.4324.150

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