Firefox 91 introduces several new features like enhanced cookie clearing and Windows SSO

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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On Tuesday, Mozilla released Firefox 91 with a couple of new features aimed to improve the privacy of users.

One such feature focused on improving the privacy of users is the enhanced cookie clearing that allows users to not only remove cookies from the visited website but also remove trackers from Facebook(if any of them are present on that particular site). In earlier versions, the browser used to just clear the cookies of the particular website.

However, if users want to use this enhanced cookie clearing feature, they need to first enable the site tracking protection.

Up next, Firefox 91 brings in a single sign-on (SSO) authentication method that allows users to safely sign in to various websites and applications with the help of just one single credential.

Lastly, Firefox has introduced a private window default HTTPS feature.

With Firefox version 91, when you open a website in the Firefox private window(ctrl+shift+p), the connection to the domain will by default be converted to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). And what’s surprising is that even when the user manually types in the HTTP URL, it will be converted to HTTPS.

Mozilla alerted users that the default HTTPS will just apply to that particular requested page and not all web page assets (image, CSS, JavaScript) be loaded over HTTPS.

But, in maximum cases, if a webpage load over HTTPS, the internal page content will also load over HTTPS.

Additionally, the browser maker also said that in the coming months they will expand the default HTTPS feature. The default HTTPS feature won’t be limited to just Private Windows.

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