CentOS Linux Alternative AlmaLinux Beta Is Out Now

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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AlmaLinux, the open-source enterprise-level Linux distribution and also CentOS alternative has been rolled out in beta with several Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages.

Following Red Hat’s announcement to reset CentOS Linux, CentOS’s Linux parent company also declared that it was moving the center from CentOS Linux which is the redevelopment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which trails just before the current RHEL release, several CentOS users were not happy as Red Hat resets CentOS Linux.

CloudLinux, a company that in past made an RHEL clone for multi-tenant web and server hosting companies, stated that it would build a new CentOS clone. The new CentOS clone ‘AlmaLinux’ is now available as a beta.

Binary Compatible Fork of RHEL 8

The new free version of RHEL has disappointed some of the CentOS users while others are searching for its alternative. That’s where AlmaLinux comes in. AlmaLinux titled after a Latin word for ‘soul’ is a binary compatible fork of RHEL 8.

CloudLinux further gave an assurance that the first release based on RHEL8.x will be Long Term Support (LTS).

CloudLinux’s founder and CEO, Igor Seletskiy stated that as they assured, the principal development and maintenance were done by the CloudLinux team.

He further urged that in the spirit of community-driven initiative, they now need help from the community for its contributions (assistance with testing, documentation, support, and planning the future roadmap).

AlmaLinux is currently being developed with cooperation from the Linux community through AlmaLinux’s GitHub page. The finalized source code will be made available on releasing the stable release.

Recently, Red Hat declared that acquiring StackRox, a container security company.

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