Brazil comes up with surveillance tech to decrease Coronavirus spread

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Government authorities in Brazil are seeking to launch such a system that uses geolocation tracking to assist actions around lockdown. The purpose of the system is to track the movements of people during the lockdown and thereby control the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19.

InLoco a startup firm in Brazil develops geolocation technology. The technology is normally used by companies from sectors such as retail. It is used to secure targeting and involving with users with the need to share personal information. The users are geo traced via a location map that doesn’t use GPS or beacons, which InLoco declares to be 30 times more precise than GPS.

The headquarter of the startup company InLoco is at Porto Digital, a technology discovery group in the northeastern city of Recife, where the platform has run live last weekend.

The city is tracing at least 70000 smartphones to detect where the lockdown rules are being followed by Brazilians says the mayor of Recife. He said they are also tracing people in the vulnerable sections of society who have no choice but continue to work in spite of the risk.

The government of Brazil is keeping track of the neighborhood with collective data in order to know whether the lockdown is working. This permits plenty of measures, including cars with loudspeakers, notifications via smartphone and other activities related to interaction with the people. Set of 145 measures taken to tackle the disease in the city.

The CEO at InLoco, Andre Ferraz says the company has received several requests from authorities across Brazil who want to use the system after the partnership with the city of Recife announced. recently the company has started to expand its business beyond its home country and ramped up efforts in the US earlier this year.

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