Australia to launch drones that can detect Covid-19

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Drones that are capable of detecting Coronavirus infected people is going to launch in Australia. This new technology could arrive in other countries looking to stop virus spread.

Draganfly a drone maker company is working on technology that uses specialized onboard thermal sensors and a smart computer vision system to observe temperature, heart and respiratory rates from a distance. In addition to this, the drone can also identify the coughing and sneezing of people in big gatherings or places where groups of people work.

An initial budget of  $1.5 million

Recently Draganfly declared that the company has been selected as the exclusive global systems integrator for a health and respiratory monitoring platform ‘The Vital Intelligence Project’. The company will be working in collaboration with the Australian Department of Defense and the University of South Australia. They will be deploying Draganfly’s pandemic drones to observe and identify people infected with coronavirus and those with respiratory problems, thereby preventing the spread. For the project, the company has been assigned a starting budget of  $1.5 million.

The University and Defence have appreciated the company’s attempts to develop an automation for use in epidemics and disasters. The technology was thought to be used in a future relief expedition but the critical situation caused by coronavirus made us use it in our daily lives immediately. The company knows how this technology will help in research that can gradually save lives.

CEO of Draganfly Cameron Chell said that the drones detect fever from a distance up to 60 meters. Hence the drones don’t need to get too close to identify the illness.

Cameron Chell added he is not sure when or where exactly the drone will be deployed. However, their topmost priority will be to deploy the tech into areas where the most amount of detection is currently required.

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