Wine 7.16 Released with Several Bug Fixes and Enhancements

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Wine 7.16 is now available, and brings several bug fixes features including the support for WoW64 in the X11 driver.

Wine is a popular compatibility layer that allows users to run any Windows applications and games on Linux operating systems.

With the inclusion of WoW64 X11 driver support, Microsoft’s 64-bit compatibility layer will support 32-bit. So, no requirement for additional libraries.

Now, let’s take a look at the features and bug fixes included with the Wine 7.16 version update:

Wine’s latest updates bring four new features namely; Session storage in MSHTML, WoW64 support in X11 driver, IME improvements in Edit control, and Unicode regexp fixes in MSXML.

  • Manifest generator (ecmangen) tool from Windows Platform SDK 7.1 crashes due to unhandled facet/regular expression in XML schema (escape sequence)
  • Can’t select a fixture in FreeStyler’s fixture editor
  • Microsoft Office 365 edition of Office 2013 installer fails with ‘cache_entry_from_xsd_doc failed to parse doc’ (non-standard ‘\u’ sequence)
  • PostgreSQL: “Unable to write inside TEMP environment variable path”
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain freezes on the first chapter intro
  • Amazon Games app crashes in wine 7.0 rc-3 
  • Watch Dogs crashes on start
  • StarCitizen launcher freezes due to a heap space issue
  • Scroll bar not working. was with up to 7.12?
  • Obduction audio and subtitles for videos don’t work
  • Ragnarok Online’s anti-cheat, Gepard, detects macro usage (false-positive)
  • Kerberos auth is broken since 7.10
  • d3d8:device & d3d8:device – test_resource_access() crashes in Wine
  • Hog4PC 3.17 installer VBScript custom action needs IWshShell::Run to return signed type.
  • Visual Novel Doukyuusei sound loop
  • PostgreSQL installer 9.3 needs support for default style argument in WshShell.Run
  • Wine uninstaller fails to launch
  • PostgreSQL installer 9.3 needs the correct string length returned from fso.GetTempName
  • comctl32 GetWindowSubclass crash in Notepad++ (v8.4.3 and 8.4.4 only)
  • Saints Row (2022) crashes on unimplemented function kernel32.dll.SetProcessDefaultCpuSets

Wine developers are aiming to roll out Wine 8.0 in early 2023.

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