Things you could do with your extra space on a VPS

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on things you could do with your extra space on a VPS. Thereby improving productivity and saving some extra bucks.

VPS or Virtual Private Server utilizes virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users. Some methods can improve productivity or security while other ways can be for saving money or just having fun with friends. Below is a list of ideas you for things you could do with your additional space on a VPS.

Cloud Storage

You can transform your VPS into a cloud storage solutions for yourself without any difficulty. This helps in saving money. Rather than spending on storage service, you can install Nextcloud for sharing and collaborating documents. If you need to keep it basic, you can likewise utilize it as an FTP server.

Web Server

Operating a web server on a VPS is presumably the most widely acknowledged activity. VPS gives preferred execution over other web hosting plans. You can without much of a stretch install a web server and WordPress to build and host sites. You can receive your cash’s value from VPS by a web server.


In the present generation, we are much worried about our online security. However, you already might be knowing how crucial VPN services are. There are various VPN providers you can select but you can self-host VPN solutions for free for that you need to transform your VPS into a VPN. Open VPN or OVPN  is such a solution. Not only it eradicates the risk of your information getting shared by a VPN company but also it will prevent data theft.

Mail server

Indeed, even the most essential servers can fill in as a full-stack email server with the MailCow suite that can bolster up to 75 clients. It can permit you to spare an enormous sum of cash. You can have enhanced control over the incoming and outgoing mails which can spare your IP address from getting blacklisted.

Game Server

This part is best for hardcore gamers. In case if you represent as an individual of a social community that shares a common game choice then you can create your server without paying for it. Most of the games don’t need a high-end server or extra GPUs. You can create a game server for uninterrupted gaming with your VPS for your small circle of friends.

Self-hosting apps

Most of the online apps we use in our day to day lives are not free. Hence we can set up a free similar version of these apps on your VPS. This might be an option in contrast to well-known communication applications, for example, Zoom, ERP programming or brought unified workspace. Thus you won’t need to pay for them consistently like every month.


You can setup VPS if you want to improve yourself or explore in areas such as trying new things or learning how to manage a VPS. You can test anything you need to on your VPS without worrying about damaging a project. Before making your VPS live you can test the changes made on your server.


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