Safari To Reject New SSL Certificates Valid For More Than 13 Months

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Big announcement from Apple. Bipasha M. Apple recently announced that Safari Browser will no longer accept the HTTPS certificates that expire more than 13 months of validity.

Now, apple stop allowing SSL certificates on the Safari Browser with more than 13 months from its creation date. HTTPS certificate ensure connection to a website is secure and safe. It is based on TSL encryption standards.

Apple Browser rejects any certificate which is issued after September 1, which exceeds 398 days of validity. It shows a privacy warning when you visit the site on the Apple browser with such a certificate. Any SSL certificate issued before September 1, then you won’t be affected.

As noted on their website, The big websites like GitHub and Microsoft, currently they have SSL Certificates with two-year validity. If Apple’s New rule applied, they have to update their certificate before August. Otherwise, it shows a privacy error or warning on the safari browser.

It means websites you are visiting have the latest security standard and encryption to keep your data private.

Michal, a security developer write a post on his blog michalspacek, To speed up site loading time, often browser bypass online certification check. So, Increasing certificate validity is a very good move.

It may be overwhelming for developers and site owners for managing certificates. Let’s Encrypt, third-party certificate authorities allow multi-year SSL certification with automatic renewal tools.

From some critics, This Apple’s move might make personal hosting difficult and increase reliance on such companies.

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