Namecheap Introduces Security Solution Domain Vault

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Lately, the ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, Namecheap introduced a new security solution to provide enhanced protection for valuable domains.

After the roll-out of Namecheap’s Domain Vault, only the domain owner can edit its settings. The security solution majorly concentrates on eliminating the human threat, to secure valuable domains from getting compromised or any other cyber threats with added layers of security.

Namecheap’s Domain Vault incorporates numerous domain protection services that are beneficial in safeguarding the domain against security risks and cyber threats.

With Domain Vault in place, personal data can be accessed by the expert team of customer service.

Features of Namecheap Domain Vault are:

  • Registry Lock: Prevents unauthorized changing of nameservers and domain transfers.
  • Minimize Human Threat: Only about 1% of the customer service team will have to Domain Vault thereby minimizing human error.
  • Specialist Customer Support: Specially trained customer support team will be reviewing the changes.
  • VIP Security Team Access: Real-time monitoring of the domain and privileged access to the special security team in case of any investigations.

Meanwhile, Julia Zinovieva, Product Manager of Domain Vault at Namecheap said,

While Namecheap provides the most essential security features free of charge, we created Domain Vault to provide an advanced level of security to give you even more peace of mind, not dissimilar to keeping your money in a bank account or a precious family heirloom in a safe, instead of a closet at home.

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