Microsoft Windows Defender v2 Coming Soon

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Microsoft is said to be working on the new Windows Defender for its operating systems i.e: Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Over the years there has been an increase in virus and malware attacks. The security of an operating system plays an important role in safeguarding your system against various threats on the internet.

Talking about security, earlier the antivirus solutions didn’t have a centralized dashboard as now, where the users can manage multiple devices connected to the system from just one dashboard.

With conventional antivirus scanning applications, users get the protection only for the system where the software is installed.

For instance, if you have installed an antivirus on your desktop, you will solely get protection for that device.

However, as the home network increasingly got complicated, connected, and diverse, antivirus vendors began offering enterprise products where the multiple devices could be managed from just one dashboard.

Microsoft Windows Defender v2: Fully-Featured Home Security Suite

In the last few years, Microsoft has been working tirelessly on how it could improve enterprise security while making no changes in its default Microsoft Defender software.

However, things are going to change in the future. A software developer named Ahmed Walid posted the screenshots for the all-new Microsoft Defender Preview app on Twitter.

Based on the screenshots, we can note that Microsoft is working on building a full-featured home security suite for various operating systems such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Meanwhile, the Windows Defender v2 project has been codenamed ‘Gibraltar‘ and is currently available to Microsoft’s employees.

Microsoft Defender Preview app description reads,

“Microsoft Defender is a security application that gives you peace of mind. Through our personalized dashboard, you can view the security posture of your Windows device and other connected devices (Mac, iOS, and Android) all in one place”

As you can see on the screenshot posted in the tweet, Windows Defender v2 offers health status to identify whether the device requires attention or is fully protected. The health alert incorporates compromised passwords, malware alerts, or to discover theft issues.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has not provided any details on when the Microsoft Defender Preview will be available to the users to test. However, there is a high possibility that the Insiders will be the first ones to test in the upcoming months.

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