Microsoft Forcefully Install PC Health Check App in Windows 10

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Several Windows 10 users have reported receiving the PC Health Check app from Microsoft, even when they don’t want it.

Lately, with Windows 10 KB5005463 update, Microsoft is forcefully installing the PC Health Check app on the systems that run on Windows 10 May 2020 update or later versions.

Basically, the PC Health Check app is a diagnostic tool from Microsoft that offers several troubleshooting and maintenance features.

The app that manages startup programs, views storage usage, and battery capacity, however; is specifically designed to check if the system meets the minimum requirement to install Windows 11 Operating System. The app ensures that users upgrade to Windows 11 seamlessly.

According to Bleeping Computer, several Windows 10 users faced issues while uninstalling the PC Health Check app as the app got automatically installed on the system whenever users checked for the OS updates.

Some other Windows 10 users reported that the Microsoft Windows Update states that the update is not installed in the system even when it is installed in the system.

The bug in Windows Update makes it more challenging to uninstall the KB5005463 update.

KB5005463 update
Windows 10 KB5005463 Update Automatically Installing (Source: Bleeping Computer)

Additionally, there is a registry method that will help you to block the installation of the PC Health Check app on your system.

However, the registry method is not recommended as it makes the uninstallation process more complex than it should be.

Also, the app doesn’t affect the system performance as the app can easily be closed. So, there is no good reason why you need to go through the complexity of the registry method to uninstall the app from your system.

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