Linux Kernel 5.7 is now available

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Linux Torvalds declared that Linux 5.7 is now ready for download in an email shared in the Linux Kernel Mailing List. He additionally replied that there are a set of modifications in the newest release and he also remarked that approximately 14 thousand non-merge charges entirely over, from near to two thousand developers in his email. Linux Kernel 5.7 can be downloaded from the website at the time or yourself can set for the Linux Kernel 5.7.1 version to be published.

Latest Features

Linux 5.7 is compatible with Intel Tiger Lake graphics and AMD Ryzen 400 graphics. It additionally assists Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Pine Tab, PineBook Pro, and others that are the latest ARM devices are also supported. One of the most advanced specialties in Linux 5.7 is the latest exFAT file system driver, which is managed by Samsung. Zstd compression for the F2FS file system is too included in the newest version.

In Linux 5.7 another huge enhancement is tracking of thermal pressure to give more enhanced task placement on CPU cores. Difficulties for the latest Renoir hardware are further executed. Linux Kernel 5.7 additionally offers performance enhancements for Ceph. The latest Kernel also maintains EFI mixed mode booting, which lets booting 64-bit x86 kernels from 32-bit firmware operating on 64-bit capable CPUs.

Meanwhile, you can see this post on Tips for no reboot Linux Kernel patch. Joining the Linux kernel patch on the high-availability system, which should be active all the time is painful. In any case, implementing the fix may furthermore require you to reboot the system which causes the system to go disconnected for a particular measure of time. The subsequent methods will help implement the automatic patches without rebooting the system. Rebootless Linux bit refreshes are additionally described as Linux kernel live fixing or live updates.

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