Let’s Encrypt issued billion SSL certificates

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Sienna Rowley
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Let’s Encrypt issued billion SSL certificates. On February 27, 2020, Let’s Encrypt declared the news of creating a new history. The Let’s Encrypt one of the most popular SSL/TLS services providers stated that they passed one billion.

The company claims that earlier in 2017 they had issued only one million certificates. They also said earlier 51% of websites used HTTPS(HyperText Transfer Protocol over Secured) now it’s 81% globally and 91% in the United States of America.

CA issued its first certificate in September 2015. Let’s Encrypt achieved 100 million certificates in June 2017. Since 2019 they are getting issuing of daily 1 million certificates.

HTTPS is the default medium of secure transfer of data. Other features of HTTPS are protecting users from malicious activities, content manipulation, and site forgery.

From 2017 browsers started requiring HTPPS and they have extraordinarily improved the manners by which they convey to their clients about the dangers of not utilizing HTTPS. Most of the browsers now show a major alert if the website is not using HTTPS, the company works on to hide dangerous activities

Let’s Encrypt Serves 192 million websites

The company stated earlier the organization was serving roughly 40 million sites with 11 full-time staff. A yearly spending plan of $2.61m. Today the organization serves almost 192 million sites with 13 full-time staff and the yearly spending plan is raised to $3.35 million.

In the blog post of Let’s Encrypt CEO stated he is glad that people are celebrating a 1 billion milestone. We have done many things as a community to protect the netizens on the internet. Having issued one billion certificates is itself a great accomplishment for the community.

We are happy to make the internet a better place for our netizens. We are trying to make the internet a more privacy-respecting and secure place. He concluded his statement by saying that they depend on contributions from netizens and the community to provide their better services.

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