Fedora 36 Beta is now available to download

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There’s some exciting news coming up for Fedora fans. Fedora 36 Beta is now available to download. The update is now available for all editions; Workstation, Server, IoT, Core OS

Fedora has always been one of the finest Linux distros to offer a clean user experience. Even the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds uses Fedora OS.

The new version of Fedora upgrades the GNOME desktop environment version to 42. Furthermore, the update also brings some minor changes.

Having said that, let us see what changes are included in the Fedora 36 beta version.

  • Fedora OS now supports a global dark style UI.
  • The screenshot tool in the beta version has been enhanced.
  • Several core GNOME apps have been ported to the GTK toolkit thereby enhancing the performance and delivering better visuals.
  • Fedora 36 beta allows users to install the lightweight LXQt upstream 1.0 desktop environment. Additionally, LXQt spin can be installed directly or as a secondary desktop environment.
  • Gnome Display Manager (GDM) by default use Wayland, however; the proprietary NVIDIA drivers should be installed to use Wayland.
  • System service manager ‘systemd’ now includes the unit names in the output allowing you to easily understand the service status; whether the process is still running or it has stopped.
  • Fedora 36 beta updates Golang version to 1.18 and Ruby version to 3.1.

In the meantime, users can test the new Fedora update by downloading the ISO from the link mentioned below:

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