Facebook files lawsuit against Namecheap for domain name fraud

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On March 8 the news of the Facebook company suing Namecheap came out from the headquarters of the company which is located in San Francisco. The social media leader Facebook has filed a lawsuit in Arizona against a domain registrar firm Namecheap and its proxy service, Whoisguard over domain name scam.

According to the Social media giant Facebook, they had already sent multiple legal notices well in advance to Whoisguard between October 2018 and February 2020. The Facebook company asked Whoisguard to share information about the domains but despite their requests, the company never shared the details about domains.

The company stated in a statement recently that ” We noticed that Namecheap’s proxy service, Whoisguard, enrolled or used 45 domain names that portrayed Facebook and our services such as instagrambusinesshelp.com, facebo0k-login.com and Whatsapp download.site”.

Facebook takes legal action against Fraud and Abuse

Facebook says that it will take legal action in order to protect people from falling to such phishing and scam. Fake domain names are usually used for doing malicious and phishing activity. The phishing attacks trick the user thinking it a legitimate site. Phishing is one type of social engineering attack which is used to steal user information, including login credentials and credit card number.

This is not the first case where Facebook has sued for this kind of malpractice. In October 2019, the company filed a lawsuit against domain name registrar OnlineNIC for enrolling domain names or web addresses that assumed to be related to the social networking giant.

Www-facebook-login.com and hackingfacebook.net are some of the sites which were being used for malicious activity. Our goal is to produce outcomes for those who seek to do evil and we will proceed to take lawful action to guard people against domain name fraud and abuse,” says the Facebook team.

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