previously listed for sale for $244k now diverts to WHO

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Coronavirus is one of the most searched keywords in the past few months after to corona outbreak. It was first reported from Wuhan capital of central china on 31 December 2019. It is known as COVID-19 is a deadly and contagious disease. That has killed nearly 3000 people and sickened over 8000 people globally.

The constant coronavirus spread is causing a frightening situation around the world which is increasing day after day. The COVID-19 also caused worry for people around the globe to an extent that many people are searching about the cause, symptoms, and prevention about coronavirus so as to keep themselves protected from being infected.

I myself was eager to see who owns and to my surprise, I saw that domain was registered by NameFind Cayman Islands LTD which is a subsidiary company of GoDaddy according to The domain was created about 13 years ago(2007). now redirects to WHO

GoDaddy didn’t secure the domain to exploit search traffic or anything identified with this sickness. The domain name had been owned by Frank Schilling’s portfolio company, NameFind, and GoDaddy acquired it when it acquired Uniregistry assets in a deal announced earlier this month. The NameFind possessed domain since 2007 which is well before the recent coronavirus outbreak.

For quite some time, the domain showed advertising links related to illnesses. There was a banner on top of the landing page which showed advertisements related to illness which now has changed.

But in the last few days or so, began redirecting to a page within the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website. Anyone who now types in  will now land on one of the most authoritative websites which will have information about the virus, details about prevention from the virus, and travel advice. We couldn’t guess how much traffic this domain name receives, but I hope it is more than earlier.

kudos to GoDaddy for using this digital media to spread authoritative information about the virus to the world instead of making a profit of it.

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