AWS Outage Affected Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Deliveries

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A few hours back, Amazon AWS in the US-EAST-1 Region suffered an outage.

The Amazon Web Service outage began at about 12 PM EST and affected several sites including major streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Ring, and Roku.

The cause of the AWS outage is said to be faulty network devices and associated with the application programming interface which is a set of protocols crucial for building and integrating an application software.

US-EAST-1 AWS region which serves connectivity for people in a major part of the northeastern region of the United States was disrupted. Eventually, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Roku users faced downtime during the disruption.

Besides these services, trading app Robinhood, TV shows, and movie streaming service Disney+, mobile banking app chime also faced downtime as per the report by popular website downtime tracking service,

Meanwhile, Amazon in its status dashboard said that several of the services hosted on its platform have already been recovered and now are actively working towards full recovery of all the services.

Doug Madory, head of Internet analysis at network observability company ‘Kentik’ said that Netflix which runs almost all of its infrastructure on AWS seems to have lost 26 percent of its traffic.

During the disruption, several amazon employees took to Reddit and posted that they were unable to access their internal apps that are needed to scan packages, access delivery routes, or see their future schedule, reports popular news website CNBC.

As per the report by a web tool reviewing website ToolTester, in the last 12 months, Amazon has encountered about 27 outages linked to its services.

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