Y2K22 Bug Hits SonicWall and Honda

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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On Friday, Next-Gen Firewalls and Cybersecurity Solutions provider SonicWall confirmed that its firewall and Email Security products have been hit by the Y2K22 bug causing junk box and message log update failure starting January 1, 2022.

The company on its support page says that the admins and email users will no longer be able to access junk box or un-junk new emails on the affected systems.

Also, they won’t be able to track incoming and outgoing mails via message logs.

In the support post, SonicWall further notes that Hosted Email Security update was deployed in North America and Europe instances on Jan 2.

The company also released fixes for on-premise Email Security Appliance (ES 10.0.15) and updated the version of its Anti-Spam Junk Store functionality on the firewall to Junk Store 7.6.9.

The latest Junk Store 7.6.9 installer can be found under SonicOS 6.5.x firmware in the MySonicWall downloads section for TZ, NSA, and SOHO platforms.

Honda Also Affected by the Date Bug

SonicWall is not the only company that has been affected by the Y2K22 bug.

Since 1st of January 2022, Honda and Acura car owners began reporting that their in-car navigation systems’ clocks automatically got rolled back to Jan 1, 2002 (20 years).

According to various reports, the Y2K22 bug impacts most older car models Honda PilotOdysseyCRV, Ridgeline, Odyssey, and Acura MDXRDX, CSX, and TL.

Microsoft Exchange Server Bug

On Jan 1, 2022, Microsoft Exchange Server was affected by the same Y2K22 bug.

The bug affected the execution of the FIP-FS antimalware engine and resulted in emails getting stuck in the queue.

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