Personal Data of 30,000 Individuals in Singapore Possibly Breached

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Job-matching Institute e2i states that the personal data of 30,000 individuals possibly breached (illegally accessed) because of a malware exploit that aimed at an ‘appointed third-party vendor’

On March 12, an incident of the data breach was notified. The personal data of 30,000 individuals is likely said to be leaked following a security breach that targeted a third-party vendor of a job-matching organization, Employment and Employability Institute (e2i).

The organization added that the concerning authorities have been informed about the data breach, which also includes the police, Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), and Cyber Security Agency’s Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team.

E2i’s platform brings in unitedly the workers and employees, providing several services like job-matching, skills training, and career guidance. The organization is an initiative of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), Singapore’s sole trade union confederation that consists of 59 unions and five associations. NTUC’s core committee incorporates Members of Parliament Koh Poh Koon and Heng Chee How. 

Data of 30,000 Individuals Possibly Breached In Singapore

E2i didn’t provide any detailed explanation on why the organization took more than three weeks to make an announcement about the breach. However, on Monday it stated due to the complexity of the investigation, it took time.

E2i reported the email account of an employee at the third-party vendor, i-vic International was affected by malware. This, lead to the illegal access of the mailbox, which had personal data of the affected 30,000 individuals. These personal data comprised of names, identification numbers, contact information, educational qualifications, and employment history.

Additionally, the company said that the individuals who have been impacted by this data breach will be notified through email, SMS, or phone.

The Institute’s CEO Gilbert Tan in a statement stated that though the malware didn’t target e2i directly, cybersecurity threats are a big deal, and the security of personal data is of utmost importance.

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