Genius Guard Surpases a Huge Milestone of Mitigating over 6,000,000 DDoS attacks

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Cybersecurity or online security has become a necessity in the digital world. Several websites require to use tools to fight against DDoS attacks and hence guarantee high up-time with the cybersecurity tools. Some specific Webhosting services provide built-in methods to counter possible attacks and threats. Genius Guard is one such cybersecurity service that shines at giving DDoS protected web hosting. By the utilization of the advanced anti-DDoS Webhosting tools to make sure that customers experience unrestrained services. Because of its powerful features and free services Genius Guard has always remained the premier choice for DDoS protection for people.

Genius Guard’s constant popularity growth is due to its affordable pricing. Despite delivering advanced DDoS protection, the cost of the solution is way affordable for clients which is surprising. Genius Guard via different packages gives designed around domain registration, remote protection, shared Webhosting, and guard Webhosting, a user or client has the option to choose whichever best fits their demands. In addition to this, Genius Guard presents users with a multitude of free services which incorporate script installation help, SSL installation, branded name server, and many more.

Besides their top-notch security, Genius Guard is well-known for its efficient customer service. Their support staff is highly skilled at resolving and answering queries and is available 24/7. Customers who are encountering any technical issues can send them a request and easily get a response to their queries.

Mitigated 6,000,000 DDoS attacks

Recently after surpassing the milestone of 6,000,000 DDoS attacks, Genius Guard was excited about the effective services they could provide to its customers. Moving ahead, they believe that they will continue to deliver the best possible services at a reasonable cost. The company believes in obtaining the goal by improving the current solutions and investigate any potential for improvement.

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