Ampere disclose first 80-core Server Processor

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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The news of Ampere disclosing the industry’s first 80-core Server Processor was quite a buzz. On March  3, 2020, the company CEO announced that they started shipping the Ampere Altra processor. It brings the latest Level of Performance & Energy Efficiency to Cloud Environments. The company also stated that they are working on the Arm server processor.

First, 80-core Arm-based Server Processor Ampere Altra is the company’s next-generation cloud-centric product. It delivers 80 cores up to 210 W for current technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, telco stacks, edge computing, database storage, web hosting, and cloud-native applications.

Introducing First 80-core ARM-based server processor

Altra is one of the first next-generation server CPUs. It is designed to handle the burden in the cloud and on the edge. The next-generation ARM-based server processor is delivering outstanding performance. Ampere Altra is a cloud-native microprocessor.

From the last two years, Ampere’s Professional team has focused on developing the products that bring notable and different innovations to cloud customers.

Altra is a TSMC-fabricated 7nm-node server-grade microprocessor that features up to 80 64-bit CPU cores, arranged in a grid-like cache-coherent mesh that consumes up to 210W per package. The Arm-designed N1 cores are compatible with Armv8.2+ which is clocked up to 3GHz in turbo mode. It features a four-wide superscalar pipeline with “aggressive” out-of-order execution.

Top Features of Altra:

  •  Up to 80 single-threaded cores in a 1P and 160 cores in a 2P platform
  •  7nm process technology
  •  8 channels of DDR4-3200 at 2 DPC, supporting up to 4 TB memory per socket
  •  128 PCIe Gen4 lanes in 1P and 192 PCIe Gen4 lanes in 2P platforms
  •  CCIX for coherent accelerator attach
  •  Two 128 bit SIMD units
  •  AI inference acceleration using int8 and fp16 instructions
  • Server class RAS
  •  Arm v8.2+, SBSA Level 4

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