350,000 WordPress Sites Affected | Security Vulnerability in WP File Manager

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This time-critical flaw is in WordPress File Manager. More than 700,000 users with a plugin, 52% are affected. Security Vulnerability in WP File Manager.

WordPress website, which running File Manager, Are affected by Hackers by exploiting a vulnerability that helps them to execute a malicious script and execute a command. More than 700,000 active installations with WordPress plugin, an exclusive report from the researcher. Attacks were conducted after the recent security flaw was patched. This is a serious Security Vulnerability in WP File Manager.

This time attackers using the exploit by uploading an image that contains web shells. That allows them to run commands in plugin/wp-file-maanger/lib/files/, where the File Manager Plugin install. But outside of the directory is prevents hackers from running a command on File Manager Files. There may be possibilities that hackers can damage more by uploading more malicious script that can run on a different part of a vulnerable website.

Wild attacks is first reported by NinTechNet, a web security firm in Bangkok, Thailand. According to NinTechNet, a hacker exploits the vulnerability to insert or upload a malicious script with titled hardfork.php, and then they use this script to inject some code into the WordPress scripts /wp-includes/user.php & /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php.

According to Wordfence, a Website security firm said that they prevent more than 450,000 hacking attempts in the last few days. They also indicate that hackers are trying to insert various files. In some cases, the injected file didn’t have any data to check whether a file is uploaded. If yes, then the attacker injects a malicious file later. A malicious file that is uploaded had names including hardfind.php, hardfork.php, and x.php.

“File manager plugin easily allow attacker to upload or manipulate any files of directory from the WordPress Dashboard, It allows attackers to escalate privileges from site’s admin area.” Chloe Chamberland.

This malicious attack is shown in File manager versions ranging from 6.0 to 6.8. According to WordPress Statistics, 52% of active installations are vulnerable. More than half of the active file manager installation is vulnerable. The current active installation is 700,000. Damage is high. Sites running on version 6.0 to 6.8, these versions should be updated to 6.9 as soon as possible.

According to WordFence (April 2020), Hackers target 900,000 WordPress website in a week,  The attacks, targetting the XSS vulnerabilities started on April 28 and raised on the subsequent days.

In July 2020, Rocket declares to bring its first WordPress edge cloud service with Always-on Website Security suite.

In February 2020, Read how Critical bug in ThemeGrill Demo Importer Plugin Affects 200,000 Sites.

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