Windows Terminal Preview v1.11 Released| Drag and Drop Folders to Open Tabs

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On Wednesday, Microsoft released the Windows Terminal Preview v1.11 with several improvements and new features. One feature that comes with Windows Terminal Preview v1.11 is that now, you can drag and drop folders to open tabs.

Windows Terminal offers a multi-tabbed console window that you can utilize for WSL, PowerShell, and cmd consoles. The terminal allows you to concurrently open multiple console tabs and collectively work with various shells.

Windows 10 now ships preinstalled Windows Terminal. It is an open-source program which means that can make it your default console program simply by right-clicking the folder and open with a Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.11 Bug Fixes

With the new Windows Terminal Preview, v1.11 update comes several fixes, however, what makes it highlighting is that now you can open a folder in the console window just by dragging and dropping that folder.

Windows Terminal Drag and Drop Feature | Source: Bleeping Computer

However, the released feature is still in its initial stage and is a little buggy. For instance, if you increase the text scaling in Windows 10 system, you will see that the hotspot is slightly misplaced.

Some other changes in the release are mentioned below:

  • Autogenerated profiles can now be deleted
  • Introduced special font feature and custom axis values!
  • Bold text can be displayed as bold font, bright colors
  • You can now utilize sc() and vk() for binding keys and allows several more keys to be bindable.
  • StartingDirectory now allows Linux paths while launching a WSL profile.

For additional information on what is included in Windows Terminal Preview 1.11 release, you can see Microsoft’s release notes which you can see on the terminal GitHub release page.

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