Windows Bug

New Printing Bug in Windows 11, Allows Only Admins to Print

The new Printing bug in Windows 11 is a strange bug, it allows just the admins to print Microsoft is currently working on fixing the printing bug in Windows 11 that prompts for admin access before users try to print....

Microsoft Released Fix For Windows 10 CHKDSK Bug Which Caused Boot Failures

Microsoft has released a fix for the Windows 10 CHKDSK system utility bug which was inadvertently introduced as part of the recent December 2020 security update. The spelled-out form of Check disk; CHDSK is a command-line utility that can be...
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Latest News

Elementary OS 7 Now Available to Download

Elementary OS 7 named Horus is now available to download. Elementary OS, an Ubuntu-based Linux distro is getting a new...
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