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Syntax, a provider of cloud-managed ERP services, released its multi-cloud portal, the Customer Experience Hub (CxHub) which gives users the advanced, next-generation customer experience. Additionally, it gives users one aspect of their IT infrastructure resources, billing details, and support tickets.

Customer Experience Hub features

CxHub provides the chance to Syntax’s clients to reimagine the trends over there public and single clouds in a single location. To assist teams to automate the management and provisioning of their IT infrastructure resources, Syntax has introduced ‘CxHub’ that incorporates the self-service model.

Syntax CxHub lets users to:

  • Observe databases, volume and database backups, network interfaces, network storage, block volumes, servers, virtual workstations, public and private routes, and load balancers
  • Stop and start servers, management of private routes, and provision of virtual workstations
  • Sort infrastructure security, resource monitoring, and support events by source, time, and severity.
  • Integrated Incident and Service Request ticketing through ServiceNow® (SNOW) for easy creation, tracking, and fix issues.
  • Relate month-to-month billing insights and line-item invoices arranged by category.
  • Communicate with resources and events over cloud platforms and regions, or refine to a particular subpart of resources.
  • Observe and examine the usage of infrastructure resources, consent, health, and differences that give a clear audit trace over private and public platforms.

Marcelo Tamassia, Global CTO at Syntax, stated that its customers understand the fact that the usage of cloud-based software no longer a competitive advantage. However, cloud-based software is a necessity for them. As more and more people are opting to work remotely, the clients required to be cloud-native to withstand in the market. He further said that the company is glad to release its Syntax CxHub to assist its customers in choosing precise decisions concerning their cloud resources and enhance their productivity.

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