Open Compute Project Global Summit revoked due to COVID-19 threats

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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OCP (Open Compute Project)’s Open Global Summit has been canceled amidst coronavirus threat. The coronavirus has affected more than 80000 people and nearly killed 3000 people globally. OCP stands for Open Compute Project Foundation is an organization which shares the design of data center products. WHO assessed the risk of spreading coronavirus globally led the event to cancel. This is another event getting canceled after CloudFest 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus Risk.

Open Compute Project Global Summit and other events canceled

Many events around the globe are getting canceled including Open Compute Project Global Summit. Events are getting postponed due to coronavirus threat. The coronavirus which originated from Wuhan infected more than 80000 people and killed around 3000 people. Facebook also canceled its annual global marketing summit which was supposed to be held in San Francisco.

Future Technology Symposium and the Open System Firmware Hack event also got canceled at this time. Besides, we will even now decide the winner of the Future Technologies Symposium one week from now. The winner will be awarded a $10,000 prize by sharing amazing and innovative posters.

OCP (Open Compute Project) said that they are working on resolving issues as soon as possible. Since our plan requires permission from our Board of Directors, we intend to provide the final direction by early next week.

  • We are figuring out what discount strategy will be inside the following week
  • As to Hotel Reservations, it is the matter with both you and hotels but we still investigate. We will approach and limit exposure which will be fair for both the parties.
  • Regarding the keynote session, workshop session and expo hall talks we are looking alternative way.
  • For Exhibitors and Sponsors, we are searching for ways that your venture can be redeployed into future endeavors, conceivably making significantly more noteworthy incentive than the physical occasion itself.

They genuinely care about the OCP Community and our expectation is to remove negative aspects.

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