Nokia launches new network OS

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Nokia a well-known player in the network launches its network OS ‘service router Linux’ or SR Linux for short. Several people know that in the early 2000s Nokia was the leader of smartphone industries but after the release of android OS in 2008 their market value declined over 50% and in the next six years it was over 90%. Now as the demand for cloud-based operations is growing, Nokia launched its Service Router Linux.

Network Operating System basically is a part of the software that operates on the backbone devices to manage services, control data flow, and give security while controlling the access to a network. Nokia SR Linux is a microservice-based substance of such an operating system that lets users develop by their network products. Nokia allows this through its innovative method as well as with SR Linux NDK, NetOps development kit.

Similar to regular OS

The major benefit of an operating system like Nokia’s SR Linux on a network device is removing, adding, and changing services that don’t need a new compilation because they simply operate as if they are on a normal machine with the normal operating system.

Head of IP/Optical Networks marketing at Nokia, Heidi Adams stated that their network OS is extendable and flexible specially built for the data center operational environment. They even offer a scalable and open telemetry framework and an unusual NetOps Development Kit (NDK) that allows both native and third-party applications to operate frictionlessly, effectively, and consistently with complete and even access to basic system resources.

Extremely consistent on the network

Equinix’s Senior Director of Network Architecture, Muhammad Durrani stated that Equinix has been collectively working with Nokia for a long time. They are glad to know that Nokia is getting into data center networking space and developing a next-gen OS.

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