Mozilla Firefox 95 Update Brings Enhanced Browser Protection

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Mozilla Firefox 95 update has been rolled out and what exciting is that includes a new security feature that firefox claims will make the browser the most secure one available to users.

The security feature named RLBox enhances the browser’s security against malicious code and is introduced in the new Firefox 95 update.

RLBox is a new sandboxing tool that uses Web Assembly to isolate five modules of Firefox, including the browser’s Graphite font rendering engine and Ogg multimedia module. The tool is developed by Mozilla in collaboration with the University of California San Diego and the University of Texas.

Sandboxing is a cybersecurity practice that most modern browsers use to separate out potentially malicious code from the rest of the environment.

Meanwhile, Mozilla says that the new technology is efficient in isolating suspicious code to an extent that even zero-day vulnerability poses no threat to Firefox.

Though most of the browsers utilize sandboxing to secure the users from the malicious, most of the threat actors chain two vulnerabilities to bypass those protections. They use one vulnerability to abuse the sandboxed process that contains the malicious website and the other for sandbox escape.

And Mozilla’s RLBox sandboxing tool compiles the process into WebAssembly and then the Web Assembly is converted into a native code. The native code enables Firefox to run trusted and untrusted code in the same process. By doing this process, access to the crucial areas of the system’s memory is restricted.

Besides the RLBox Sandbox Technology, Firefox 95 additionally brings the following changes:

  • Added the ability to move the Picture-in-Picture toggle button to the opposite side of the video
  • Minimize the power usage of software decoded video on the macOS, particularly when the videos are run in full screen.

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