Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2022 with New Security Features

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Microsoft stated that Windows Server 2022 will incorporate several security enhancements and additionally will also bring Secured-core to the Windows Server Platform.

Additionally, Microsoft announced in a blog post that the Windows Server is now in preview and offers AES 256 encryption-enabled secured connectivity.

The forthcoming Windows Server release will additionally develop hybrid server management by improving performance monitoring and event alerts in Windows Admin Center.

Moreover, this release incorporates several notable improvements in Windows container runtime such as virtualized time zones and IPV6 support for globally scalable apps, along with the containerization tools for .NET, ASP.NET, and IIS applications.

Windows Server 2022 introduces a secured-core to Windows Server that provides additional protection against several threats.

Secured-Core Servers with Built-in Threat Protection

Secured-Core systems or PCs are solutions for the rising firmware vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to bypass a Windows system’s Secure Boot and the lack of clarity at the firmware level existing in current endpoint security solutions.

Since October 2019, Secured-core PCs have built-in security capabilities designed to protect users from threats, exploiting firmware and driver security flaws.

Microsoft official stated the upcoming Windows Server version will be the part of Windows Server Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release.

On the first day of the Spring Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference, officials posted a list of the new features in Windows Server 2022:

  • With the secured-core server, advanced multi-layer protection against threats is enabled.
  • Reliable connectivity to business-critical assets with an added layer of security while transport, also by default enable support for HTTPS and TLS 1.3 .
  • Manage and supervise Windows Server on-premises with Azure Arc
  • Get the best of virtual-machine management with the all-new Windows Admin Center.
  • A new supported scenario in Storage Migration Service that allows migration of file servers from on-premises to Azure.
  • Enhance container application deployment with reduced image size for quicker download and simplified network policy implementation.
  • Update the .NET applications with the all-new containerization tool available in Windows Admin Center.

Last year, Microsoft began shipping new Windows 10 features to Insiders

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