Microsoft announces acquisition of Metaswitch Networks

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Microsoft declared that the company has signed a definitive contract to obtain virtualized network software and data, voice, and communications solutions for operators provider Metaswitch Networks. The organization additionally declared that this acquisition will add further depth to its hyper-scale cloud infrastructure by the technoscientific software.

Virtualization of core networks

Microsoft further plans to take full advantage of the technology and talent the company Metaswitch Networks possesses. Thereby extending the Azure platform to help in both deploying and as well as develop those abilities to such a level that is safe, effective, and builds a feasible ecosystem.

Microsoft additionally said that as 5G enhances more comprehensive, operators will have possibilities to promote the virtualization of their hub networks and drive ahead on a route to a frequently cloud-native tomorrow. Throughout this process, Microsoft will remain to work collectively with the industry as operators and network facilities providers develop their operations.

CEO of Metaswitch Networks Martin Lund further issued a blog column regarding the acquisition and said that he is admired by the clients who have put their faith in the company, conscious that they as a team are prosperous as those the company serves and bound to deliver products and solutions that satisfy clients’ demand and hence add genuine business value. They as a team have collectively disrupted, innovated, and delivered. Mr. Martin is more enthusiastic than before to resume his journey with Microsoft.

He further added that the team will continue to connect with clients wherever they are. Operating together as communication service providers develop their operations. Additionally, the company will be placed to support those operators who are interested in the transition to cloud-native deployments, to 5G networks, and the era of the latest network architectures. Martin concluded his statement by saying that he will be looking ahead to work with all of their current clients to mutually grow and evolve.

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