iProov Brings Biometric verification to the Web Browser

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The world’s leading provider of biometric authentication technology, on April, 15  declared the release of the iProov Web, delivering genuine presence assurance to the web browser.

Facial recognition technology

Since 2018, over 3 million people have utilized iProov’s copyrighted Flashmark technology in mobile apps to prove their genuine appearance. Users needing to obtain a bank account or register for protected services simply hold their phones or other mobile devices in front of their faces, and an unusual colored illumination performs the genuine presence assurance by verifying that it is the right person and a real person, validating themselves right now.

iProov Web now expands effortless genuine presence support to web browsers, permitting users to securely “iProov” themselves on their laptop and desktop computers, tablets, kiosks, and other devices. Larger purchases are yet being made through desktops/laptops, which estimated 37% of web traffic in 2019 but produced 56% of web revenue.

Large-scale use of iProov worldwide displays that iProov Web will allow organizations to achieve:

  • Security against scalable and extremely dangerous digital attacks like deepfakes
  • More extended access and inclusiveness for citizens and customers without smartphones
  • A hugely enhanced user experience related to alternatives, with options that reflect the broad range of operating environments of iProov Web
  • Higher Net Promoter Score and customer comfort, with increased completion rates and decreased drop-off during registration and buying/transactions
  • Consumer access to digital services without the requirement to download an app that will not be utilized frequently

Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov stated that the iProov Web is a game-changer for the digital identity industry. Millions of people throughout the globe have educated themselves on a mobile app, entering online government, banking or travel services securely by explaining that they are who they say they are and that they are genuinely present while the authentication.

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