Instagram Testing Feature That Will Notify Users About Outage Within App

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Sienna Rowley
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Instagram Testing Feature That Will Notify Users About Outage Within App

On Monday, Facebook’s very own photo-centric app, Instagram said that the company is testing a feature that will notify Instagram users about the outage inside the app itself. This decision comes after the recent two outages that disrupted Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp services.

Instagram in its blog post said that for the first few months, Instagram’s outage notify feature will be tested within the United States.

On October 4, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook’s internal services faced a global outage of six hours which affected more than 3.5 billion users around the world.

According to Downdetector, a popular website downtime monitoring tool, last Monday several users reported having issues with Instagram.

Besides, Instagram testing feature that notifies users about the outage within the app;

The company is likewise looking to roll out a feature that will help users know whether their account is on the verge of getting disabled or how likely will their account gets disabled.

For the last few days, Facebook and Instagram have been the epicenter of trolls and memes on Twitter which followed by fund exit and also pressure from several whistleblowers particularly Frances Haugen’s allegations that the company was making a profit instead of controlling the hate speech and misinformation.

Frances Haugen is the one who disclosed thousands of Facebook’s internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission and The Wall Street Journal in 2021.

In the forthcoming weeks, Haugen will meet Facebook’s oversight board to give a briefing of what she learned while working with the company.

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