Google pledges $800+ million to help SMB’s during coronavirus outbreak

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Google a tech giant company, has announced a new $800+ million commitment to help health organizations and governments, small and medium-sized businesses and health workers. The company has taken this step to fight against the drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The above-mentioned individuals and workers are eligible to opt this program

Google’s commitment Consists of:

  • $250 million in ad grants/credits will be provided to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health agencies to promote, spread and share demanding information about preventive measures to stop spreading of Coronavirus. In addition to this google allocated $25 million in ad credits to the WHO and government agencies earlier this month.
  • Google will be giving $200 million with its new support program for NGOs and Financial institutions around the world. This is to provide additional aid for SMBs.
  • $340 million in Google Ads credit will be made accessible to all SMBs who had an active Google Ads account over the past year. Credit notifications will appear in their Google Ads accounts and can be utilized at any circumstance until the end of 2020 over their advertising platforms.
  • Google has also allocated $20 million in Google cloud credits for academic institutions and researchers to help them take advantage of Google’s computing capabilities and infrastructure. As they study potential therapies and vaccines, track important data and find new methods to fight against coronavirus.

Google is also expanding its support systems to help in facilitating the production of more protective equipment for medical workers. It is a nice gesture from Google to support the audiences in the period of crisis. Other tech and social platforms contributed are Facebook , LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter which equals hundreds of millions of dollars cumulatively. It is estimated that Google and Facebook will lose around $44 billion in ad revenue collectively in 2020.

It will take a combined effort to keep people in homes and to keep people fed. In this sense, it is good to see the big players in tech coming forward to contribute communities in need.

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