Google Launches VM Manager, An Infrastructure Management Tools Suite

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The search giant ‘Google’ launches VM manager, a suite of infrastructure management tools. It said that the automated infrastructure management tools will ease and automate the maintenance of large fleets of Compute Engine VMs.

Google is introducing its new offering in an effort to help relax the difficulties included in moving workloads to the cloud.

Product managers Ravi Kiran Chintalapudi and Senanu Aggor stated in a blog post that the enterprises are boosting their digital transformation as they move more and more workload to the cloud. The cloud can sometimes be complicated but, with unfamiliar tools to manage and operate large fleets of virtual machines (VM). Specifically managing the security of infrastructure and compliance perceptibility at cloud scale can be tough for infrastructure and operations administrators.

The latest offering from Google is proclaimed to be simplified cloud-native tools that can run and manage the resources of the cloud just like the on-premises infrastructure management tools via automation.

VM Manager contains a dashboard that enables real-time tracking of inventory and the suits support most of the general Windows and Linux environments.

VM Manager Comprises of Following Services

The VM Manager additionally comprises patch management, configuration management, and inventory management.

Patch Management

The patch management service offers insights on the patch status of VMs and secures your system against vulnerabilities by letting you apply OS patches over a set of VMs. Automate OS patches installation over VMs.

Configuration Management

The configuration management lets you deploy, query, and maintain consistent configuration for your VMs. Additionally, automated remediation features are included to minimize the manual effort and keep the fleet compliant.

Inventory Management

Inventory management allows you to gather your OS information and package information. You can easily identify which VMs are running on a particular OS version. Look for the packages that are installed on a VM, generate a list of package updates that are available for each VM, and recognize the missing packages, updates, or patches for a VM.

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