Google Chrome 96 has issues just after a day of its release

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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It’s just been a day since Google released Google Chrome 96. However, the release didn’t go well as expected. Several users reported that the new version of Google Chrome has caused troubles within the web app of popular social media apps such as Discord, Instagram, and Twitter.

Some of the users reported receiving errors within the Twitter notifications after they updated to Chrome 96. The error message read as: “Something went wrong. Try reloading

While some other users reported about the issues within Twitter while playing media such as images, GIFs, and Videos. Twitter is displaying the error message “Something went wrong” instead of the actual media.

Additionally, some users reported that on updating to the new Google Chrome 96, they found that some of the features of the popular messenger and discussions app ‘Discord’ were not responding. The loading icon was not showing appropriately and the overall look and feel of the web app gradually became slower and felt slower.

Meanwhile, Google says that it is aware of the issues and its developers have already started working on finding the cause as well as the fix for the issues.

Google Product Support Manager Craig Tumblison, talking about the issues within Google Chrome 96 said that they are continuing to analyze user reports regarding this behavior that also includes reports from their social team.

Between all these issues, one user suggests that if you disable the “chrome://flags/#cross-origin-embedder-policy-credentialless” flag, the issue will be resolved.

The “chrome://flags/#cross-origin-embedder-policy-credentialless” is a flag introduced as a feature in the latest Google Chrome 96 and is associated with the new Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy feature.

Additionally, Google also says that disabling the flag can fix some of the bugs within the new Google Chrome update.

In case if you are having trouble disabling the flag, follow the below steps:

  • Copy the chrome:// address i.e: chrome://flags/#cross-origin-embedder-policy-credentialless
  • Paste it to the addressbar of your Google Chrome browser
  • Now hit Enter
  • When you see the experimental flag page, set the flag to Disabled
  • Lastly, restart the Google Chrome browser for changes to get reflected

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