Fastly announced support for HTTP/3 and QUIC

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Fastly, Inc a globally recognized edge cloud platform declared assistance for HTTP/3 and QUIC. HTTP/3 and QUIC, the web’s latest protocols are built to power the modern internet in various ways such as speedier response times, more comprehensive accessibility globally, and establishing the model for built-in encryption.

HTTP/3 is the latest evolution

While the whole world is dependent on the web there is an increase in the need for a safer and reliable net. This drives the requirement to search for more satisfying and secure options to the necessary HTTP/2 and TCP protocols. HTTP/3 is the latest development of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and QUIC is the always-encrypted transport rules below it. With the help of HTTP/3 and QUIC, Fastly customers are now capable to give a better digital experience for their end-users, guaranteeing secret and secure connections.

Jana Iyengar, Distinguished Engineer, Fastly interpreted that currently, the internet has become a more significant part of our lives than it was before. This makes common internet performance an indeed greater systematic disadvantage for the end users. QUIC has the capability to not only give more secure digital experiences but also faster and more effective ones. He considers that QUIC will be a game-changer for people all across the globe, particularly for users who aren’t well-served by the current internet.

Role of QUIC protocol

Fastly’s support for these latest standards lets the delivery of better and faster digital experiences to its global clients. Fastly’s QUIC support grants:

  • More accelerated web pages: HTTP/3 and QUIC minimize head-of-line blocking and reduce handshake latency, thereby reduce the page load time.
  • Better streaming: In addition, QUIC also enhances network performance overall, significantly reducing start-up time and rebuffering of video and audio streams.
  • Turn-key security: TLS 1.3 — the newest version of the Transport Layer Security protocol — is formed directly into QUIC and secures headers and metadata from third parties, enabling more private, reliable connections than ever before.
  • Seamless integration: Because QUIC operates in userspace, it blends seamlessly with Fastly’s tooling, tracing, and logging infrastructure, causing it easier for Fastly developers to manage experiments and induct rapid deployment and development of sites and apps.

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