Facebook and Google Buy Land in Denmark, Possibilities of Building a Data Center

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This week, Facebook and Google bought land in Denmark for possible data center developments in the future.

Google has bought 120,000 square meters or 1.29 million sq ft of land in Taulov, in Denmark’s Fredericia municipality. Meanwhile, Facebook bought 212 hectares of land in Andrup, in Esbjerg municipality.

Fredericia City Council affirmed that a land deal was done with Google. The recent land acquisition of Google is the extension of its existing data center in the Princess Quarter, Taulov.

The Mayor of Fredericia, Steen Wrist stated that they are extremely happy and proud that Google chose to invest in Fredericia, and with the acquisition of additional land, Google is buying into more options here in the future and that is remarkably positive.

Arni Jonsson, Google data center manager said that Google already has a strong bond with Fredericia and now is delighted to be involved in the city. With the acquisition of extra land, the tech giant company got the opportunity to widen its presence in the future.

How Google will use the acquired land is still uncertain.

Facebook’s Possible Second Datacenter In Denmark

Meanwhile, Facebook also bought land in Denmark this week. Facebook acquired 212 hectares of land in Andrup in Esbjerg for 277 million DKK or 43 million dollars.

Back in 2018-2019, Facebook started investigating the area. However, later decided to halt the land acquisition and development of the project. Eventually, the land was acquired by the Esbjerg City Council to become a data hub.

Facebook’s Spokesperson Lukasz Lindell said that they recently resume their studies of Esbjerg as a probable site for a data center in the future and bought 212 hectares of land. In the initial stages, some preparatory work will be carried out, that will help support additional developments in the area.

The plot which Facebook acquired, approximately sizes 300 football pitches.

Esbjerg mayor Jesper Frost Rasmussen praising the sale said that he is very excited that Facebook is back in Esbjerg and looking to establish a data center at Andrup.

Already, the Social media giant has a huge data center in Denmark. Facebook’s Odense data center is about 100,000 square meters in size and currently, the company has plans to extend it.

Facebook has 18 data centers across the globe with 14 of them in the United States itself.

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