Docker extends partnership with AWS

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Docker declared the extension of the partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ease the lives of developers. The latest collaboration among  Docker and AWS will let developers concentrate on the application development environment. The duo has built an integrated and seamless experience to leverage Docker Desktop, Docker Compose, and Docker Hub to deploy their apps on Amazon Elastic Container Service and Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate.

Effortless Workflow

As per the report, Docker and AWS tied up to create an effortless workflow that lets developers to swiftly and simply shift to Amazon ECS from running containers in a local Docker Desktop environment.

Scott Johnston, Docker Chief Executive Officer stated that this partnership is a huge step towards offering developers the wonderful experience in making, sharing, and operating cloud-native apps with Docker and Amazon ECS. This experience lets developers operate regionally and bring a similar skill set or experience to production-scale cloud service through Amazon ECS, decreasing the time required to gain the required knowledge and boosting their time for production.

Advantages of this solution incorporate:

  • Developers can take maximum advantage of their knowledge they already gained concerning Docker and the apps they have designated through Docker Compose to boost their capability to deploy in the cloud.
  • Native integration among Docker and Amazon ECS lets clients to more seamlessly aim Amazon ECS for its multi-container deployments.
  • Docker Compose, the favored developer’s tool for determining multi-container applications, is an open-source specification with open governance. The action will give the broader community of current and fresh users with clarity letting them input into the planned direction of the specification as well as Docker Compose-based tools.

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