D-Wave extends cloud services to Australia and India

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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D-Wave declared that it is extending its Leap Quantum Cloud Service to Australia and India. Users in these countries can presently reach 2000Q quantum computers, hybrid solvers, and the Quantum Application Environment (QAE) in real-time through Leap. In addition to this, Leap gives free developer plans, education tools, code samples, demos, and a rising quantum society to assist developers, progressive-thinking businesses, and researchers. D-Wave further launched the latest version of Leap, Leap 2, at the beginning of this year.

D-Wave’s solution incorporates:

  • Hybrid Solver Service: The hybrid solver service is a managed cloud-based service letting users simply resolve huge and complicated problems of up to 10,000 variables. The hybrid solver automatically executes problems on a combination of quantum and classical cloud resources, through D-Wave’s superior algorithms to determine the most suitable way to resolve an issue.
  • Integrated Developer Environment (IDE): The IDE is a prebuilt, set-to-code environment in the cloud configured with the newest Ocean SDK for quantum hybrid development in Python. The Leap IDE incorporates the newest D-Wave problem monitor and Python debugging tools. Developers can distribute code and give to the Ocean tools through uninterrupted GitHub integration.
  • Problem Inspector: The problem inspector provides developers a visual description of their difficulties on the quantum processing unit, letting them fine-tune code and enhance outcomes.
  • Flexible Access: By Leap, users have an introduction to adjustable additions of computing time over quantum and classical systems, provisioning to all skill and investment levels.

D-Wave’s upcoming, next-generation system, Advantage™, will be accessible to users worldwide through Leap before the end of this year. The solution is intended to allow the expansion of commercial quantum applications, Advantage will give 5000+ qubits, 15-way qubit connectivity, and power a modern platform that will moreover deliver notable performance gains and greater solution accuracy.

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