Coronavirus affects Italian Datacenters

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Italy is becoming to be the country which is bearing most from Coronavirus. The pandemic is affecting the digital infrastructure process in Italy. However, the data center staff is yet operating from the office. Widespread quarantines are affecting many sectors and data centers so work in Italy has taken on another form.

Limited Traveling for Staff

SuperNap Italia which is located in Milan is one of the country’s largest data center operators. SuperNAP International runs the €300 million ($314m) data center. The data center has some around 42,000 sq m (452,000 sq ft) of white space in four data halls.

Alison Gutman, the communication manager at SuperNap Italia talked regarding their fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. She said the data centers need to continue operating even in the crisis period to provide business continuity and support in keeping cities online. Since the end of February, the SuperNAP Italia’s employees who are not required at the datacenter are working from home.

Alison Gutman further said that the company’s essential operations staff are onsite to give assurance in delivering 100% uptime. For some of the staff who must travel to work, the company has taken some steps including sufficient access to antibacterial gel and a regular deep clean of surfaces and all of the equipment. The staff onsite while working are maintaining the safety distance. Staff is respecting the rule of only going from home to work.

During work commute, the staff carries documents to avoid a general travel ban. Besides, the company has provided a supporting letter that explains that they need to come to work because they are providing a public utility.

The company has DCCP generators that can guarantee up to 80 hours of constant operation of the whole facility, just in case of a blackout. Also, the company has contracts with diesel suppliers who will arrive in 6 hours to fill the fuel.

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