Confluent declared Confluent Platform 6.0

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Confluent declared Confluent Platform 6.0 and the newest theme for Project Metamorphosis, Global. Confluent Platform 6.0 offers a single platform to develop a globally connected data architecture with cluster linking which does make an event data globally accessible over a business, no matter if the data is on-premises in various continents, scattered between different cloud providers or spanning hybrid environments. Confluent Platform 6.0 additionally improves Apache Kafka with greater resiliency, enhanced cost-effectiveness, and infinite data retention.

Cluster Linking

Cluster Linking enables companies to have an easy and scalable way of connecting data among clouds and over hybrid architectures. Through Cluster Linking, two or more Kafka clusters replicate data without requiring other elements.

  • Elastic – Self-Balancing Clusters automate partition rebalances to optimize Kafka’s throughput, boost broker scaling, and minimize the operational load of operating a large cluster. Without the trouble of manually rebalancing data, organizations can concentrate more further on building resources with outstanding real-time experiences, fewer risk, and effort.
  • Cost-effective – ksqlDB will be commonly accessible in Confluent Platform 6.0, superseding various slow subsystems typically required to build event streaming applications with a strong event streaming database. Speeding up and simplifying the event streaming development process presents the potential for unique, business-level use cases and huge operational capabilities.
  • Infinite retention – Tiered Storage allows businesses to preserve infinite event data in Kafka and build a central nervous system for all events. By infinite retention, developers no longer have to bother about storage constraints while building event streaming applications that leverage both real-time and past events, or training machine learning models utilizing a historical stream of data.

Confluent’s co-founder and CEO, Jay Kreps stated that the data that modern businesses are built on has grown to be more distributed geographically and over several cloud environments making it harder to introduce collectively in a significant way. Event streaming has developed as the platform that links real-time data from each part of an organization or company to come as one and build world-class applications.

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